Help, my dog jumps on people

Dogs that jump on people do it because they're excited and have learned not to respect people. It is a clear sign that the dog doesn’t accept its owner or even the strangers as pack leaders. Dogs learn this level of excitement and disrespect from humans.

It is a human mistake which the nature of the dog doesn't accept in this way. Among fellows, jumping can sometimes trigger a fight.

People often interpret this excitement as an expression of joy, but this is a misunderstanding and at the same time a wrong confirmation for the dog. Similar to a child, a dog also needs rules and limits so that it can live out its needs and instincts as naturally as possible and develop positively. It is up to us humans to fulfill the role of the pack leader. Only then can we teach our dogs to behave calmly and demand it from them at the appropriate moment.

Learn with Thimba to fulfill the task of leader of the pack. Learn how to introduce rules, set limits and put them into practice so that your dog - and you too - can lead a calm, relaxed and balanced life.


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