Help, my dog is aggressive towards dogs and people

Aggressive behavior of the dog towards other dogs and humans can have different backgrounds. This ranges from a lack of social behavior to misguided instinctive territorial or protective drives. Usually it is the dog owners themselves who trigger such behavior without realizing it. As pack leaders, we have to understand how the dog works and what exactly corresponds to its nature, so that we as humans can act on the dog in a species-appropriate manner.

Aggression is not a death sentence! Aggressive behavior can definitely be changed. A dog does not plan its future, nor does it wallow in past experiences. The dog lives exclusively in the present, but has internalized past experiences. He lives in the moment and reacts directly to his surroundings, especially with those behavioral patterns that he has learned in the past. His reactions are instinctive and are associated with positive and / or negative experiences.

Aggressive behavior can quickly become dangerous not only for the dog, but also for everyone involved in its surroundings. So don't hesitate and ask for help!

At Thimba you learn theoretically and practically how to prevent such behavior by restoring your dog's natural balance. In addition, they acquire in-depth knowledge in order to react correctly in such a situation.


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