Help, my dog pulls on the leash

If the dog pulls on the leash, it is because the leash is being used for the wrong purpose. In this case it has the (wrong) purpose of physical distance limitation. When used correctly, it becomes a communication tool between the dogleader and the dog.

The world in which our domestic dogs live with us is primarily intended for us humans. It is a world where a dog would not get along on its own. Therefore, as dog owners, we have to lead our dogs through this world and “carry” them.

However, if the dog pulls its dog owner on a leash through this world, then the lead is on his side. Since he is unable to fulfill this task, is inevitably that the dog gets overwhelmed.

A dog does not take on this leadership role because it wants to, but because the person at the other end of the leash does not conform to the dog's required leadership qualities and natural laws. Humans leave him no choice because of his wrongdoing, because the dog can't accept him as his pack leader.

The relaxed walk together is a very important part of a harmonious coexistence. Pulling the leash often not only brings effort and stress for the dog owner, it also creates this for their dog.

It is not uncommon for this to result in further unbalanced behavior patterns, in the short or long term.


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