Thimba dog school:
The behavior specialists for every type of dog

«A dog is a mirror which helps you see how you behave»
Cesar Millan 

The training for every dog owner and every dog

  • Are you a new dog owner, do you have a puppy, or are you planning to have a dog?
  • Are you interested in learning more about dogs, their language and their needs?
  • Do you have a dog from the shelter that shows a negative behavior?
  • Do you dream of walking your dog calmly on a loose leash with no reactions?
  • Do you think your dog can’t be put together with other dogs?
  • Do you feel like your dog is going to be nervous, anxious, or insecure forever? 
  • Do you want your dog to stop attacking or even biting people? 


Has your dog become a problem in your life that is causing you stress, frustration and embarrassment? Have you worked with other dog trainers and been unsuccessful? Then you are definitely in the right place! 

We can help you with any problem. With us you will achieve a harmonious life together with your dog. What seemed impossible for you until now, the Thimba dog school makes it possible!

Philosophy of the Thimba dog school

At the Thimba dog school, the focus is on the mental and physical balance of every dog. We convey to dog owners the natural needs of their dog. We combine our knowledge with intensive communication training in order to strive for a natural balance between dog and human.
Durch diesen Prozess erzielen wir Ausgeglichenheit und Harmonie!

Thimba in action

To us

Ich, Christian Leuthold, bin der Gründer der Hundeschule Thimba. Unsere Tätigkeit bei Thimba ist nicht nur unser Beruf, sondern auch unsere Passion.

Mein eigener Weg

Es war mein erster Hund Aaron – ein Husky mit extrem hohem Energielevel und vollkommener Führungsqualität für seine Spezies – der mich zu dem brachte, was ich heute meine Passion nennen darf: vom Wesen des Tieres aus zu denken und handeln, das Tier «lesen lernen» und so zugleich seinem natürlichen Wesen und unseren Bedürfnissen gerecht zu werden

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