We, Christian Leuthold and Désirée Müller, are the founders of the Thimba dog school. Our daily work at Thimba is not only our job, but also our passion.

Our own way

It was our first dog Aaron - a husky with an extremely high energy level and a perfect leadership quality for his species - who brought us to what we can call our passion today: To think and act based on the nature of the animal, learn to "read" the animal and at the same to become species-appropriate to its natural being and our needs.

His wrongdoing caused by our ignorance, almost led us to despair! We looked for help from various dog trainers. The training methods recommended to us there didn't work in any way. The dog didn't cooperate with us and not even with them. This was justified with his breed, but also with hereditary predispositions.

However we continued to believe that the problem was related to the humans and not to the dog. A completely new reorganisation of our lifestyle habits was necessary, in order to follow this conviction.

A learning process of several years began, in which we used our full energy to analyze the behavior among dogs and its effect on interaction with humans and to implement the knowledge gained in structured practical application. In this process, we used a wide variety of sources of knowledge. 

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Cesar Millan was and is a great mentor for us, from whom we were also able to learn in a personal encounter. In our opinion, he is an expert in the dog psychology.

Through this long learning process, we have acquired a lot of new knowledge, but it was also required a lot of openness and self-criticism from us. 

Today we know that the number of people in need of support and learning on this topic is similar to the number of the domestic dogs. 

Our goal is to spread knowledge and skills as explained and to enable both, the dogs and the dog owners, to live together in balance and harmony. 

Our philosophy

We don't see ourselves as the usual “dog trainers” because we don't train the dogs. Rather, it is the people that we sensitize and train to become species-appropriate for dogs.

Thimba stands for a balanced, social and everyday suitable dog. With the help of our practical experience and in-depth knowledge as a basis, it is in principle possible for everyone to understand the instinctive world of animals and to learn leadership skills for the dog species.

Our method

Mutual trust and respect is the basis of any healthy relationship. Also for those between humans and dogs.

We take nature as a role model and the focus is on the dog with its innate laws of nature and its natural needs.

Our offer is developed hand in hand with the needs and challenges of our customers. It is our goal to offer to every dog owner support for a harmonious and fulfilling dog-human relationship.

That's why we launched Thimba.

Your Thimba team.